Team Challenges

Discover your full potential with one of our unique team building programmes.

Using the outdoors as a medium, our programmes are designed to test your skills.

Our custom made programmes use the challenge of the outdoors to develop teamwork and leadership skills that can be transferred effectively into the workplace. Let our experienced staff put your team through a day or half day of team challenges which are sure to be the talk of the coffee breaks for some time!

Your challenges can be based on the water, or on the land, or a mix of the two. A full day can comprise of team challenges followed by one of our adventure activities, which is a good way to finish off the day on a fun and positive note.


Wibit Wipeout Circuit Challenge!

Getting wet has never been so much fun! Your team must negotiate the twists and turns, jumps, bounces and swings of our aquapark, getting around in the fastest time possible!

Aqua-olympics - high jump, long jump and balance beam, not to mention iceberg gymnastics where points are given for the best (or worst!) dive from the top.

Raft Building

You and your team are stranded on a desert island. With only a few materials to get you back to civilisation, you will have to work together to design and build a raft that will carry your team to a certain point, all against the clock.


No wetsuit required! We have a broad range of indoor and outdoor land based challenges specifically designed to get your team working together. Ideal to test your communication, leadership, teamwork and planning, these challenges have a real fun element that will create a sense of bonding throughout the group.

We start with some icebreaking games before getting the group split into their teams and ready for the days events!

Adventure Cave Challenge

We have designed a range of team building exercises using our new indoor caving system. 

These include:

I'm Not a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here!: Find stars buried deep  in our creepy cave, 

Fossil Orienteering: using your map, you must find several fossils dotted around the caving system, the fastest team wins!

Cave relay racing! Get around the given route in the best time possible, the time only stops when your final team member gets through the finish.


Climb the steps to the top of the tower, walk the plank and freefall from 12 meters aboove the ground - do you have the mettle?

Dunmore Adventure Indoor Challenges

We have a variety of short challenges to test your group on solid ground - Your group will rotate between various stations, with short challenges to overcome, such as Water Circle, roller coaster, egg drop, disappearing Island to name but a few! Each challenge is timed, and scored by your facilitator.