Did you know that a windsurfing World Champion came from Dunmore East? Julian Anderson was only 17 yrs of age when he became the Mistral World Champion, and his training ground was – Dunmore East!

We can’t guarantee that you will become a world champion, but we can give you your first step on the way with one of our ISA approved courses. Taster sessions are also available.


Get up and Go!

Beginner level, no previous knowledge required

Get up and Go! Allows you to master all of the skills necessary to experience the thrill of windsurfing in as short a time as possible. By the end of this course you will be able to sail across a short stretch of water, turn around and return safely to your starting point.

Course Duration: 4 x 2 hr sessions (2 days)


Go 4 it!

As you Go4it! There are many skills which you can develop in order to enjoy windsurfing more, and in particular get the buzz from windsurfing in stronger winds. Learn skills such as the beach start, tacking, gybes, foot steering, rig steering, harness, stance, weather, tides, kit rigging and self rescue.

Course Duration: 6 x 2 hr sessions (3 days)