Check out our new Birthday Party Packages - and have THREE ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES IN ONE PARTY WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

We organise a range of different and unique party packages to cater for all your needs. Choose a watersports or land based party, or a mix of both! Our expert staff provide fun, games and challenges to provide a unique experience for you child’s important day. All you need to organize is a birthday cake and goodie bags and Dunmore Adventure will do the rest for you! 

PARTY FOOD AT SPLASH CAFÈ! (available April - September)

Our onsite cafe offers delicious home made Pizzas for birthdays, get your order in when booking your party. We also have a smashing new party area upstairs, please feel free to bring your own cake for the big day!

All activities are subject to minimum numbers, and must be booked in advance!

Aquaparty: €25 per person

Time onsite: 2.5 hours

Minimum no of kids: 6

This is our most popular party in the Summer months - Wibit Wipeout for an hour with a pizza party afterwards.

Bring your own cake to finish off the special occasion in the party room of our Splash Cafè.

Price without food: €20 per person.


Land Activities: Archery, Caving, Climbing

Land parties are ideal for the colder times of the year, and are available all year round! 

Suitable for kids from 7 years +

PIZZA AVAILABLE FOR GROUPS OF 6 + INCLUDING UNLIMITED CORDIAL - €5 per person - please book in advance!

One Hour Land Party (one land activity) €15 per person

Pick one land activity to enjoy with your friends! 

One hour 30 mins Party (two land activities)
€25 per person

TWO HOUR LAND PARTY - Three Activities in one party Whaaaat?????

€30 per person

Activities: Climbing, Caving and Archery

PIZZA AVAILABLE INCLUDING UNLIMITED CORDIAL FOR GROUPS OF 6+ for €5 per person - please book in advance!

Suitable for ages: 7 yrs +

Minimum group size: 6

Price per person: €30


You will need to arrive 15 mins prior to start time, and the party food if chosen takes about 20 mins at the end of the activities 

TWO HOUR AQUALAND PARTY - Water and land, the best of both worlds!!!

Activities:  Kayaking or Wibit Wipeout ( Wibit Only available from Easter - September) + Choose one land based activity

PIZZA AVAILABLE PLUS UNLIMITIED CORDIAL FOR GROUPS OF 6+ for €5 per person - please book in advance!

Suitable for ages: 7 yrs +

Price: €35 per person 


Activities: Wibit Wipeout and Kayaking

PIZZA AVAILABLE PLUS UNLIMITED CORDIAL FOR GROUPS OF 6 + for €5 per person, with unlimited supply of cordial -  please book in advance!

Price: €35 per person 


Wibit Wipeout available from Easter - September

Thrills and spills galore on our zany wipeout course – this water session is the talk of the town! Climb up our massive Action Tower to be rewarded with a thrilling slide or jump from the top, or jump on one end of the flipper, and launch you buddy into the air! These are just two of the crazy water features that make up our Wibit Wipeout!


Get your harness on and tackle the indoor wall at Dunmore Adventure, we also have a 12 meter climbing tower, get to the top and get a birds eye view of the harbour. (use of outdoor tower is weather dependent)


We have a fleet of sit on kayaks that can fit one, two or even three party goers at a time. Our instructors have heaps of fun games to play on the water while the kids are kayaking, and our kayaking area is ideal for beginners, with nice flat water and little coves to explore.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

SUP is a new activity that has taken the world by storm, and is one of the many water sports available at Dunmore Adventure!

If you have a larger group, ideally 10 or over, you can try our Giant SUP Supertankers - one SUP fits all!

Caving Adventure

Climb down into the mine shaft which opens out to reveal a beautiful lava entrance to our Adventure Caves! Climb, creep, crawl and squeeze your way through the tunnels, which have lots of obstacles to challenge you and your friends!


Fancy a challenge? We will give you expert tuition in the ancient sport of Archery, where we teach the basics  in a safe indoor arena, followed by competition and games with your friends.