Climbing for Youths & Families

Every child loves to climb and Dunmore Adventure is a fantastic place for them to do this and develop the correct climbing skills. 

We have two climbing areas:

Our Climbing zones:

Indoor Climbing - our climbing gym has multiple climbs to keep the kids occupied for their hour long session. We have a specially designed room with multiple climbs from easy to difficult, which will challenge all abilities. This indoor climbing zone can operate in all weather, hail, rain or snow, and is an ideal activity to compliment our popular kids birthday parties.

Outdoor Climbing on Gul Tower - Its the most prominent fixture in Dunmore East Harbour,  we call it Gul Tower as the Seaguls use it to watch for the fishing trawlers coming in from the sea. We have two climbing sides on Gul Tower, and with its 13 meter length, you might even get a glimpse over the Hook to the Saltee Islands from the top! 

So why not give us a call or pop in and try climbing out, you are never too old or too young to try something new.

As with all of the activities in Dunmore Adventure, you must book in advance!