Another successful season of Summer Adventure Camps at Dunmore Adventure

Posted Date: 06 August 2014

The summer is almost done, and with it another year of Adventure Camps. This was our 21st year of running camps in Dunmore East, and boy have things changed since our first ones!

Our first Summer Camp back in 1993 had six local children on it, and we were all a bit younger! In fact, we now have a second generation of campers coming to Dunmore Adventure, with the sons and daughters of our campers going down through the years now old enough to join in on the summer fun, just like their Mums and Dads did!

This year our average weekly number of campers was 50, and we had quite a few nationalities in the mix – French, Italian, American, Spanish, South American, English, Welsh, Israeli, Scottish, Portuguese, Russian, Bermudian, Philippine, Hong Kongese, and of course Irish!

Our activities have increased too, this year we added a new larger water trampoline and action tower to our ‘Wibit Wipeout Zone’ and we now have a spiral staircase up through the middle of our climbing tower leading to our ‘Powerfan Freefall’ where you can experience a freefall without even getting into a plane.

This September we will be adding an artificial Caving System to our lineup. This is a very exciting new activity, which will be available all year round and perfect for days when the weather is a bit colder. It will be the longest artificial cave in Ireland, and will be full of exciting obstacles, and will even have cave paintings, stalactites and stalagmites, caverns and ball sumps! See our other blog for further details.

Even though our numbers have increased, and we have lots more instructors, we still guarantee that you will get the same personal service that we have had since we first started, and you will still see many familiar faces, along with some new ones! ‘

When it comes to Summer Camps, Dunmore Adventure is an experience for kids and teens that memories are made of!

Summer Camps run every week of July and August, for further details and online booking go to: